blanket fort presents: twentieth century masters.

by blanket fort

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a collection of covers, demos, singles, and other previously unavailable material. this is an attempt to clear my mind and my computer while starting work on an lp. all tracks written, performed, recorded, and mixed by brett green unless otherwise noted.


released June 22, 2017



all rights reserved


blanket fort Charlotte, North Carolina

hello friends.

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Track Name: wtf is my heart for.
the strongest person that you know
could still end up in hospital bed
fully aware that they are dying and
there's nothing they can do about it

so you can love
with all your heart
but what then
or you can love
until there's nothing left
but what then

what the fuck is my heart for
what the fuck is my heart for
what the fuck is my heart for
what the fuck is my heart for
Track Name: weightless (demo)
the first few steps off
a moving sidewalk
are always disappointing
three hours spent
seven miles above the earth
i felt weightless
but only for a second

i held a small conversation
with the man seated next to me on the plane
a swedish professor on his way to yale
asked me where i was going
and what i planned to do there
i told him i was on my way to new haven
to attend a service where
i would become weightless

i was under the impression that
there's always applause upon landing
but it turns out i was wrong
so we exchanged business cards
by that i mean he gave me his
we went our separate ways
and from then on i felt
a little bit less weightless
Track Name: please don't marry him.
please don't marry him
Track Name: now that we're older.
now that we're older
can we talk about
something other than
how high we are

im starting to think
that conversation in general
is lacking
Track Name: here at the house.
if you're on your way out
let me know if there's anything
you need me to get done
here at the house

oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh

im sorry if there's any sort
of distance between us
its just all this fucking doubt

oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh